Hook up subwoofers to stock radio

If youre going to use your stock stereo and run the amp from there you want. Remote connect the REM wire to a fuse that only has power when the car is on.May 29, 2013. No output converter needed no after market radio needed just speaker and amp and amp kit.. How to hook up amp n subs to any stock radio. Lucas Stephens. Easiest, cheapest way to install subwoofer to stock head unit.

all right i have a 99 escort with the factory tape deck and 6 disk cd. my dad used to install car stereos and car phones for 15 years and told me. I will be trying this tonight to hook up my front speaker channels to my 4. we are talking about hooking up an amp to the stock stereo, you are. I went to my local car audio shop (Car Toys) and they were able to install a line output converter right behind that radio that created the RCA. Dec 1, 2013 - 6 min - Uploaded by jpsaudio08how to install an amp to a factory radio. jpsaudio08. Loading. Unsubscribe. Can I connect. Apr 4, 2009. Is there a way to hook an amp and subwoofer up to the stock radio head unit in an 07 SR5? If there is, what do I need to do it? I pulled out the. to install in to my new 2013 jeep wrangler unlimited sport 4 door stock stereo. to buy to hook the amp to the stock stereo. any help would be appreciated,. First question Does your stock system have the rear subwoofer? Factory radios dont come with accessories like amplifiers and subwoofers,. like to install aftermarket parts in order to improve the sound of their factory radio. Db speed dating. Now its time to run speaker wire from your amp to your subwoofer. Positive. I am hooking it up to the factory OEM head unit also. One more. Jul 18, 2006. Learn How To Install A Car Radio.. It wasnt until I was looking at a colorful fistful of stock radio wires--with no wiring diagram for. When the speakers and subwoofer are in place, route the wires back to the amp. For the. Mar 10, 2005. Has anybody done this with their DSM.. and have any knowledge on how to do this? I have a 95 GSX with the stock infinity sound system.

Subwoofer and amp with stock radio

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