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Jacob What can you say about the rumors that the two of you are dating? Tina Because. Quinn slams Santana against a locker Brittany Stop the violence.

They both joined the Cheerios and the Glee Club together (along with Brittany). They both have had relations with the same guys. They both have dated, slept with and dumped Puck in Season One. Quinn dated Finn twice, and Santana slept with Finn. Brittany from Glee. 887 likes.. its not just Santana.. and I dont know how they found out about Santana and I dating,. Dec 10, 2010. Showmance Cheerios Santana and Brittany audition for Glee. Hell-O Santana and Brittany hold hands and while on a double-date with. Glee Santana and Brittany. Glee Santana. when Santana said that sex isnt dating and Brittany replied. Here is a video clip from Glee featuring the. Santana Lopez is a fictional character from the Fox musical comedy-drama series Glee.. At Sues behest, Santana and Brittany go on a date with Finn, who is now the glee club co-captain. Santana takes his virginity, though Finn immediately. Naya Rivera plays awesome mean girl Santana on Glee, andas a lifelong and infamous meanie myselfI find her presence to be one of the most compelling on the show.

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Glee Santana and Brittany Kiss.. A lesbian relationship between Brittany and Santana. If sex were dating, me and Santana would be dating Brittany and Santana got engaged on Glee Season 6 Episode 3. Dec 13, 2012. Its the Glee pairing no one, and everyone, saw coming.. After watching Brittany fall head over heels for Santana (Naya Rivera), is now the. Imagine if Sam had said to Brittany Im afraid to date you because all the black. Dec 10, 2010. First, lets look at a brief timeline of Brittanas onscreen relationship. Showmance Cheerios Santana and Brittany audition for Glee Club with head cheerleader Quinn. They sing backup dressed as angels on Say a Little Prayer together. Nov 2, 2011. Following a month-long hiatus the Glee gods took pity on Brittana fans and. You know, something like Santana (Naya Rivera) and Brittany. Brittany-Quinn-Santana Relationship. Edit. Classic editor History Comments Share.. Later, Quinn, Santana, and Brittany audition for the glee club,. Dec 7, 2012. Glees Brittana was one of TVs most prominent same-sex pairings. Now that. Santana and Brittany do the titular deed in The Break-Up.. Bilder von Santana Lopez (4.046) Santana Diabla Lopez ist. Zurck in Lima reden Brittany und Santana ber die Zukunft des Glee Clubs. Brittany erklrt Santana,. Sam breaks up with Quinn, and then he begins to date Santana. Quinn. Santana and Brittany try to convince Quinn to rejoin the Cheerios, they say We joined. May 30, 2017. Despite admitting they loved each other in the second season and officially starting to date in the third, Brittany and Santana did not share their. Santana Lopez is a student. in order to destroy Glee Club, Santana,. When she learns that Artie and Brittany are dating, Santana tells Artie she believes.

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Glee (Season 3) From Wikiquote.. Hi Santana! How many solos did you get in glee club last year?. Santana Are we dating or what? Brittany. The Brittany-Santana-Quinn Relationship,. Later, Quinn, Santana and Brittany audition for the glee club, because Quinn is worried about losing Finn.

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Glee-ful Spoilers on Finchel, Santana,. Shes still trying to deal with the fact that Brittany and Sam are now dating, Rivera shared. In Hell-O Sue assigns Brittany and Santana to start dating Finn in. (Brittany S. PierceSPierceBrittany. Vote for Brittany and Santana as the best glee. When Rachel tries to revive the glee club, Brittany, Quinn and Santana are. a private date at Breadstix (Quinn and Sam in Duets, and Brittany and Santana in. The Artie-Brittany Relationship,. When Tina asks Brittany if she is officially dating Artie, Brittany tells her to deal with it.. Brittany, Santana,. Mar 14, 2011. I want Brittany and Santana to go out on a date, a real, freakin adorable, full on date. So theyre gonna, in this story. This chapter is the asking. The Brittany-Santana Relationship is the relationship between Brittany Pierce and Santana Lopez also known as Brittana, in SIMGMs Glee spoofs. TBA Jun 4, 2016 - 1 min - Uploaded by Glee Scenes108. Glee Santana wishes Brittany will hold her hand 3x04 - Duration 132. Glee Scenes 81.

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The episode deals with such weighty issues as dating. NYC Another Chance, Brittany Santana. Brittany sit in the front row as the glee club tells. Can you name the Glee Relationships?. Santana Lopez Dating. Brittany Pierce Ex-Boyfriend. Glee Songs (Season 1) 2 Glee Quotes 1

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GLEE Brittany Santana Arent. Sex is not dating, to which Brittany. Madonna and Britanna GLEE Sneak-Peek Video Brittany Santana Get Their Britney. Santana Lopez is a fictional character from the Fox musical comedy-drama series Glee.. At Sues behest, Santana and Brittany go on a date with Finn, who is now the glee club co-captain. Santana takes his virginity, though Finn immediately. The Unauthorized Glee Companion Leah Wilson. Between their date, the SantanaBrittany date with Finn, and an earlierplanned date for Emma and Will now. Jan 21, 2015. Puck and Quinn are back together, Kurt is still pining after Blaine (despite Blaine dating Karofsky), and Brittany and Santana are loved up and. Not only did Brittany and Santana exchange I dos, but. Glee Recap Familiar Faces Return For Surprise. Glee Brittany Santanas. Santana Lopez (Character) on IMDb. I hope youll all respect that I want Glee Club to remain a place where I, Brittany S. it was, Santana and I would be dating.

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